Crisis Management Lessons from Covid-19
What has COVID 19 taught us? FIVE lessons in Crisis and Issues Management
April 2020 | Ashwani Singla

This article by Astrum highlights the importance of crisis planning & preparedness during the time of unforeseen situations like COVID-19. Visit the website to read in detail.

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expert speak essential toolkit a xennial approach
ExpertSpeak: Essential Toolkit for a modern day consumer behaviour professional: A Xennial Approach
April 2018 | Gaurav Mehta

Consumers are shape shifting rapidly and so is the marketing tooling infrastructure. How does a consumer behaviour professional adopt the latest and (possibly) greatest approaches and techniques to stay relevant for the consumer is the winning play.

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Trends that are shaping Public Relations
July 2017 | Ashwani Singla

In my recent travels to USA to attend the IABC World Congress, I had the …

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Making your website work for you
May 2016 | Shefali Khanna

With the increasing updated algorithms that the biggest search engine – Google comes up with each year, it makes it much harder for digital specialists to rank their sites today. Here are a few things I suggest marketer’s do this year.

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Lessons in Crisis Communication from The World Cultural Festival
April 2016 | Ashwani Singla

How is that The World Cultural Festival billed as a celebration of “The Art of …

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One Big Idea by Ashwani Singla: PR Needs a New Approach
January 2016 | Ashwani Singla

Ashwani weighs in with astute observations about the current avatar of public relations, and offers his insights on a differing approach that can help increase the effectiveness of this channel, and a break down of what said approach will entail.

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