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Except as specifically permitted in accordance with these Terms of Use, any use of Intellectual Property is strictly prohibited absent the prior written consent of ASTRUM. In addition, the names, trade names and/or trademarks of third parties, including clients of ASTRUM, may appear on the Site from time to time. All such names, trade names and trademarks are proprietary to their respective owners and may be used only with the express written permission of their respective owners. Appearance of the aforesaid intellectual property of third parties on the Site does not imply or convey any ownership or affiliation with the same by ASTRUM in any manner, unless expressly mentioned by ASTRUM.


Every user who visits the Site does so at her or his own risk. ASTRUM makes no representations or warranties of any kind as to (a) the accuracy or completeness of the information or materials contained on the Site, and assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the contents of the Site (which may include factual or typographical errors and/or technical inaccuracies); (b) the availability for use of any copyrighted, trademark or otherwise proprietary materials of third parties which may appear on the Site; (c) the presence or absence of computer viruses or other bugs which third parties may embed in or attach to the Site without ASTRUM’s knowledge or consent; or (d) the merchant ability, fitness for use, title and/or non-infringement of any or all of the contents of the Site. Regarding communications with ASTRUM or its associates through the Site, ASTRUM makes no representation or warranty concerning the security of any data transmitted to ASTRUM, including information relating to potential employment or applications therefore, or any other matter. ASTRUM shall treat any data or information transmitted to ASTRUM through the Site as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Neither ASTRUM nor any other party involved in the creation, production or delivery of the Site, or whose materials or information appear on the Site assumes or accepts any liability, regardless of whether based on contract, negligence, intentional wrongdoing or liability without fault, for any costs, losses, damages (whether direct, indirect, compensatory, special, lost profits, liquidated, consequential or punitive), arising out of or in any way in connection with the User’s access to, browsing of or use of the Site or any of the contents of the Site, without regard to the source of such contents, or with the unavailability or failure of performance of the Site for any reason.


Documents, images and information proprietary to ASTRUM including the contents of descriptions of ASTRUM’s businesses, biographical descriptions of its representatives and personnel, press releases and other public notices, together with any associated graphic elements (collectively referred to as “ASTRUM Materials“), may be copied, reproduced, downloaded or otherwise used provided the following terms are adhered to strictly. ASTRUM Materials may be used solely for non-commercial purposes such as informational, entertainment and personal use, and shall not be further copied, uploaded to any network, intranet or Internet, rebroadcast or re transmitted, or otherwise disseminated in any medium without the express prior written permission of ASTRUM. ASTRUM Materials may only be used in their entirety, without alteration, editing, condensation or editorial comment, and any graphical elements contained in the ASTRUM Materials may not be used separately from the other elements with which they are associated. ASTRUM Materials shall not be used to ridicule, disparage, harass or annoy any client of ASTRUM or its associates.

No other use of ASTRUM Materials shall be permitted. The ASTRUM Materials available for use as set forth above do not include the trademarks, design, layout, arrangement or distinctive elements of the Site, or of any other web site maintained by ASTRUM or its divisions, subsidiaries or affiliated companies.


The contents of the Site may from time to time contain documents, images, information and other materials not proprietary to ASTRUM, such as photographs, clip art, film clips, musical passages, audio track or sound effect elements, or the names, trade names, trademarks, logos or designations of third parties (including present and past clients of ASTRUM or its featured personnel). All such materials will be referred to as “Non-ASTRUM Materials“. Non-ASTRUM Materials may also include from time to time articles, data, information, images, artwork, graphics, music, audio or other elements published in newspapers, magazines or other media or venues, and may include the name, trade name or trademark of the medium or venue in which such materials were published. Appearance of such Non-ASTRUM Materials on the Site does not imply or convey any endorsement, ownership or affiliation with the same by ASTRUM in any manner, or of the contents of thereof, unless expressly mentioned by ASTRUM.


For the convenience of Users of the Site, one or more links to other third party web sites may appear from time to time. Except for web sites maintained by divisions, subsidiaries or affiliated companies of ASTRUM, the third party web sites to which links are provided on the Site are not under the control of ASTRUM. ASTRUM assumes no responsibility for the contents of any third party web sites, or for any potential damage arising out of or in connection with the use of any such link. In addition, the existence of a link between the Site and any other third party web site is not and shall not be understood to be an endorsement by ASTRUM of the owner or proprietor of the linked third party web site, nor an endorsement by ASTRUM’s associates of the owner or proprietor of such linked third party web site. Provision of links on the Site to such third party web sites does not imply or convey any ownership of or affiliation with the same by ASTRUM in any manner or of the contents of the said web sites. Please see the Privacy Policy in this regard for more details.


Please note that it is a policy of ASTRUM not to accept or consider unsolicited creative, production-related or other materials of any kind. ASTRUM will consider any and all materials, including proposals, ideas, concepts, drafts, rough cuts or finished work product submitted through the Site, not to be confidential or proprietary and to be freely available for use without compensation or payment of any kind.


In the event that any provision or any part of the terms contained in these Terms of Use and/orPolicies here under becomes, in whole or in part, invalid or unenforceable but would be valid or enforceable if some part of that provision was deleted, that provision shall apply with such deletions as may be necessary to make it valid.If any of the said provisions are determined/held by any court/tribunal of competent authority/jurisdiction to be invalid, unlawful, ineffective or unenforceable to any extent, such term shall to that extent be severed from the remaining terms which shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by la wand the invalid, unlawful or otherwise ineffective provision may be substituted by a new provision reflecting the intent of the provision so substituted.

It is agreed and clarified that the arrangement set out by these Terms of Use and the Policies between you and ASTRUM is on a non-exclusive basis.

You acknowledge you shall be aware of all the terms of this Terms of Use and all the Policies before using or accessing the Site.

You hereby warrant that you shall not directly or indirectly solicit for employment, nor offer employment to, nor enter into any contract of services with any person employed by ASTRUM.

ASTRUM may assign, in whole or in part, the benefits or obligations of these Terms of Use and any/all the Policies to its associates or affiliates or other group company or any other company, in circumstances, including but not limited to pursuant to a restructuring or re-organization or demerger of its organization or operations causing a change in management or something of the nature, without your approval or consent for an assignment of the benefits or obligations under these Terms of Use, the Polices or any other policy in relation to the Site.

ASTRUM shall not be liable for its failure or the Site’s failure to perform under these Terms of Use and the Policies as a result of occurrence of any force mature events like acts of God, fire, wars, sabotage, civil unrest, labor unrest, action of statutory authorities or local or central governments, change in laws, rules and regulations, affecting the performance of ASTRUM or the Site.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, failure to exercise or delay in exercising a right or remedy, hereunder shall not constitute a waiver of the right or remedy or a waiver of any other rights or remedies, and no single or partial exercise of any right or remedy, here under shall prevent any further exercise of the right or remedy or the exercise of any other right or remedy.

The terms and provisions of these Terms of Use and the Policies, as identified herein and by their nature or content, are intended to survive the performance hereof and shall so survive termination.

You have read and understood the above Terms of Use. You agree that by using or accessing the Site, you hereby accept the Terms of Use and the Policies and further agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and the Policies as may be modified by ASTRUM from time to time. You further agree that the Site provided by ASTRUM is subject to change.