6 thoughts on “Lessons in Crisis Communication from The World Cultural Festival”

  1. Srinivas M

    Great article Mr Ashwani. Thanks for analysing this and throwing light on so many learnings that arise from the episode, If not for Shree Shree Ravishankar, anyone else would have drowned in this controversy. Given the way, he is courting one controversy after another, Guruji surely requires a PR expert like you to manage his affairs in the future. It is very sad to see the negative publicity he has been generating in the ‘Malala’ issue too!

  2. Ashwani Singla

    Thanks Srini for your observations, I am sure he has a competent team of people advising him. You are right, the stature of Shri Shri, certainly helped in coping with the controversy. My objective of the article is to merely use the event learn & share my learning about crisis response.

  3. Raghu Kochar

    Thanks for the insight Ashwani ! As you have mentioned much of the good work perhaps remained untold or did not make it to the public domain. What churned around was a mountain of negativity against an event best conceived as peaceful.

    1. Ashwani Singla

      Agree Raghu. I think the story could have been told much better and leading up to the event. Also, i believe the organizers perhaps missed planning for foreseen scenarios.

  4. Ashish Sonal

    Thank you for sharing these great insights, Ashwani. Becuase the reputation risk, like other operational risks, is difficult to assess, the management often overlooks to assign resources and budgets for it at the planning stage. So when the risk materialises, the response lacks planning as well as resources. A risk assessment and risk response framework as you have described, along with proactive intelligence and pre-planned resources/budgets is what is often missing. The budget and resource requirements, incidentally, tend to be minuscule as compared to the ‘value’ of the business plan or the event (as in this case).

    1. Ashwani Singla

      couldn’t agree more with you Ashish and Astrum and Orkash alliance is aimed at helping clients incorporate risk mitigation strategies into their crisis preparedness planning.

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