Public Opinion Surveys

Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.
-Abraham Lincoln

From overnight night blitz polls to highly-complex studies of Bizfluentials™, Astrum takes the pulse of public opinion as it relates to politics, policy, attitudes and experiences. Public opinion research forms the basis of our reputation management programmes and provides insights rooted in the views of stakeholders that matter. 

Whether you are looking to devise a winning election strategy, win support for a cause or shape your corporate reputation, public opinion is the key to your success and a well-designed and executed public opinion survey is an important instrument in achieving that larger purpose. 

Our expertise in designing public opinion surveys, relentless focus on veracity of respondents and responses through extensive use of technology, data analytics, combined with access to micro level targeting data at village and municipality level  has today made Astrum, India’s premiere science based advisory in helping CXOs and senior political leaders understand and shape public opinion ethically.

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