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In today’s volatile world of business, corporate reputation is delicately balanced between growth and responsibility, profits and sustainability, aggressive targets and sound governance.

How then can it be built, nurtured, sustained and protected? How can better understanding of the stakeholders and influencers improve the actions that corporations need to take? How can practicing the science of reputation move the needle of perception? How does the explosion of social media and mobile communication change the way people consume information and make decisions? What is the new data fuelled world of Reputation Management, What is the future of reputation management services in a digital world?

Constellar, the Astrum blog is the new avatar of my personal blog Reputare. While continuing to explore and prompt a dialogue on the subject of reputation in all the sphere, Constellar has an expanded scope to guest contributors and thought leaders. As the headline suggests, we will endeavor to bring insights and new thinking in the development of professional reputation management in India.

I invite you to participate in the conversation and share experience to add to the richness of these conversations.

Ashwani Singla

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ExpertSpeak: Are you locally relevant?
October 2016 | Swati Bhattacharya

The secret of succeeding in a global environment is finding strength in diversity. To leverage …

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NRIs travel to India to remain connected to their roots
August 2016 | Ashwani Singla

“The insights generated provide us powerful cues to our clients to not only custom create offers (what to do?) but also help differentiate themselves by creating persuasive conversations (what to say?) And most importantly helps identify the ‘persuadables’ needed to win in the market place (who to target?).
That’s the power of science based reputation management.”

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Making your website work for you
May 2016 | Shefali Khanna

With the increasing updated algorithms that the biggest search engine – Google comes up with each year, it makes it much harder for digital specialists to rank their sites today. Here are a few things I suggest marketer’s do this year.

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Lessons in Crisis Communication from The World Cultural Festival
April 2016 | Ashwani Singla

How is that The World Cultural Festival billed as a celebration of “The Art of …

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Simple rules to develop a compelling proposition and how to win trust
January 2016 | Ashwani Singla

Ashwani , in this article, brings a compelling array of reasons behind why reputation management shouldn’t just be limited to controlling negative media coverage and promoting the positive factors of a company, and should instead be treated comprehensively, in order to gain the most results.

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One Big Idea by Ashwani Singla: PR Needs a New Approach
January 2016 | Ashwani Singla

Ashwani weighs in with astute observations about the current avatar of public relations, and offers his insights on a differing approach that can help increase the effectiveness of this channel, and a break down of what said approach will entail.

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