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Reputation Management Services

Good reputation is the topmost priority of a Chief Executive

It takes years of hard work to build a good reputation, be it a company, an individual or a political entity. But that good will can be damaged or tarnished in just a few minutes. The hyper-active media of today, which act as the prosecutor, the jury and the judge, and

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Crisis Communication

News is 24X7. Is your Crisis Plan the Same?

Companies and public figures live under the constant scrutiny of its stakeholders, especially the press, civil society and citizen journalists. Even the smallest of infractions could become a subject of breaking news or start trending online.In a 24X7 news cycle, having a modus operandi that responds effectively to a brewing crisis

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Public Opinion

Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed. -Abraham Lincoln

From overnight night blitz polls to highly-complex studies of Bizfluentials™, Astrum takes the pulse of public opinion as it relates to politics, policy, attitudes and experiences. Public opinion research forms the basis of our reputation management programmes and provides insights rooted in the views of stakeholders that matter.&Whether you are looking

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Politics and

Don’t just govern the people. Involve them. Walk the talk with them

Business and political interests share a common goal: The greatest good of the greatest number. But they often come at loggerheads owing to factors like constituent interests, competitive advantage and so on. An honest dialogue between the government and the industry is critical to the development of the nation. This has

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The Astrum

The Astrum Centre houses a range of best-in-class capabilities

The Astrum Centre houses a range of best-in-class capabilities – both in-house and through our exclusive partners – to generate science-based public opinion insights, persuasive content for print, broadcast and online mediums, online reputation management campaigns, media and online monitoring & analytics, corporate identity development and design solutions.Online Reputation ManagementUsing our

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