Corporate governance

ExpertSpeak: Are you locally relevant?
October 2016 | Swati Bhattacharya

  The secret of succeeding in a global environment is finding strength in diversity. To …

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CSR for Reputation Management
Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond Community Relations
January 2016 | Ashwani Singla

Ashwani offers an alternative look at Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as his insights on how organisations need to change their approach to this concept to leverage the idea of a “responsible business strategy” to all facets of their business.

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Astrum Live

ExpertSpeak: Essential Toolkit for a modern day consumer behaviour professional: A Xennial Approach
April 2018 | Gaurav Mehta

Consumers are shape shifting rapidly and so is the marketing tooling infrastructure. How does a consumer behaviour professional adopt the latest and (possibly) greatest approaches and techniques to stay relevant for the consumer is the winning play.

Trends that are shaping Public Relations
July 2017 | Ashwani Singla

  In my recent travels to USA to attend the IABC World Congress, I had …

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ExpertSpeak: Communication Leaders Become Trusted Advisors Lessons I have learnt
February 2017 | Rachana Panda

Today, Communications is evolving to be one of the most innovative leadership functions. Like reputation, communications leadership is nurtured over a long journey and requires organizational and personal patience. A sneak preview into the evolution of this journey of a senior communicator in instilling new skills.