Market Segmentation

We help you find and connect with your most profitable consumer segments

A successful communication campaign involves understanding your audience and addressing it with tailor-made messages. At Astrum, we have created a unique approach that closes the gap between campaign strategy and execution. 

There are various market segmentation approaches that look at several profiles of customers grouped together on the basis of some commonalities.  However, this traditional approach to consumer segmentation, does not really answer the question: Who should I really be focussing on? 

Our approach to consumer research is about neuroscience, finding the motivators that create a shared ‘attitude and beliefs’ most likely to resonate with your brand purpose, today and in the time ahead. Our consumer segmentation combines the neuropersonality traits of individuals along with their disposition towards a brand or an issue. Combined with our Advocates to Adversaries segmentation we bring focus to your ability to find and reach the consumers most likely to contribute to your success, helping you generate significant returns on your marketing investments.

Our counsellors search for and identify patterns in the data. Rigorous analytic techniques are used to organize consumers and the size and market potential of each customer segment is determined, along with the messaging that should be employed to reach each segment.

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis

Smarter, better decisions to help you win

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Thought Leadership Strategy & Research

Most thought leaders are actually thought followers. We help our clients become real thought leaders.

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