Reputation Management
Good reputation is the topmost priority of a Chief Executive

Reputation Strategy Development

We work as a strategic partner to the C-Suite to help them build and sustain their company’s reputation.

Our approach to developing an effective and informed reputation strategy blends science with the experience and creativity of our counsellors. They work closely with the company’s leadership to understand issues impacting the company, and co-create strategies that provide the CEO with an actionable agenda for stakeholder engagement, clear persuasive messaging, and earned, owned & paid media outreach priorities that would positively shape the company’s reputation.

Our 3C Reputation Management framework is the foundation of a comprehensive solution to deploy a strategy designed to help you succeed.

  1. Reputation Benchmarking & Measurement

We identify the unique drivers of your reputation, benchmark your current performance and establish a baseline to track progress and measure the impact of the reputation campaign through our Reputation Health Index™ and Net Advocacy Score™.

  1. Stakeholder Segmentation

We help you segment your Business Influentials™ identifying advocates to adversaries, there by ensuring a more informed engagement that moves the needle of perception.

  1. Corporate positioning & messaging

We use messaging science to develop your corporate differentiation and messaging and help you break through the clutter. Our Net Persuasion Scores™ provide empirical evidence about the likelihood of your messages persuading your audiences to act.

  1. Influence & influencer mapping

We use sophisticated research tools to identify and map the most influential information sources and the influencers your stakeholders consult to shape their opinion. Our findings would enable you to prioritize your media presence for the best return on investments, and to strategize an outreach policy directed at the most important decision makers and influencers.

Corporate Reputation Campaigns

Our reputation campaigns engage the most important Business Influentials to create your evangelists.

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