Corporate Reputation Campaigns

Our reputation campaigns engage the most important Business Influentials™ to create advocates.

Our corporate reputation campaigns go way beyond media relations by engaging with the most important Business Influentials™ for your company. Be it online, mobile or traditional media, or above-the-line/below-the-line communication, we create holistic Reputation Management campaigns to ensure that your narrative is authentic, consistent and engaging, and leads to a growing community of evangelists.

  • Corporate Branding
    Whether it is your work force, prospective talent at campuses, or customer and business partners, we help you develop compelling rich media content, delivered through print, broadcast, online and mobile platforms, to engage your audiences to better understand the purpose of your company. We call this #LeadershipWithAPurpose.
  • Thought Leadership/ C-Suite Positioning
    Leadership with a point of view and a vision for the industry earn respect and admiration of your audience. Our counsellors develop owned, paid and earned keynote and contributory opportunities across media, government, academia and business forums in order to make you the first among equals.
  • Editorial Engagement
    Our counsellors make the best use of their in-depth understanding of corporate reputation management, media functioning, and experience in media relations to act as your advocates with editors and reporters, making sure that your corporate purpose, differentiation and point-of-view is heard, understood and voiced.
  • Influencer Engagement
    Our counsellors use the Business Influentials™ segmentation to develop an engagement programme for the C-Suite, thereby targeting the most important decision makers and influencers to expand the circle of your advocates, converting the agnostics and engaging the sceptics across business and policy forays.

Corporate Reputation Strategy

We work as a strategic partner to the C-suite to help build and sustain their company’s reputation.

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