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In today’s volatile world of business, corporate reputation is delicately balanced between growth and responsibility, profits and sustainability, aggressive targets and sound governance.

How then can it be built, nurtured, sustained and protected? How can better understanding of the stakeholders and influencers improve the actions that corporations need to take? How can practicing the science of reputation move the needle of perception? How does the explosion of social media and mobile communication change the way people consume information and make decisions?

Constellar, the Astrum blog is the new avatar of my personal blog Reputare. While continuing to explore and prompt a dialogue on the subject of reputation in all the sphere, Constellar has an expanded scope to guest contributors and thought leaders. As the headline suggests, we will endeavor to bring insights and new thinking in the development of professional reputation management in India.

I invite you to participate in the conversation and share experience to add to the richness of these conversations.

Ashwani Singla

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1-Defining the persuables
Defining the Persuables
January 2016 | Ashwani Singla

Ashwani shares an insight on how a systematic approach toward reputation management can help organisations structure their systems, as well as a break-down of the essential steps that managers must keep in mind, in order to be most effective.

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2 What is science based RM
What is science based reputation management?
January 2016 | Ashwani Singla

Ashwani helps shed light on the concept of Science-based reputation management, its relevance in the current market, as well as the break-down of how organisations can benefit from rethinking their current approach to reputation management.

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3 -PR Needs Emperical PR
Public Relations needs Empirical Public Relations
January 2016 | Ashwani Singla

Ashwani helps break down the shifting trends of Public Relations that result in ever-changing requirements and an increasing need for Empirical Public Relations

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7 - The need to a plan for crisis
The Need to Plan for a Crisis
January 2016 | Ashwani Singla

Ashwani Singla, in this article, takes an in-depth look at how crisis management systems are critical for all organisations, as well as broad categories in which most companies find themselves in today’s world.

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