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Election Campaign Strategy

There is no second prize for losing an election. We help you win.

In an election campaign, there is no consolation for being a runner-up. Winning is everything. Understanding your voter and connecting with them is the X-factor. As your campaign strategists, we use our unique polling methodology to generate insights and chart out a campaign that persuades voters to vote for you. We help you fathom the voters’ need – what would persuade them – and the most effective way to reach out to them. Our election campaign strategy team includes polling experts, statisticians and social scientists is led by Ashwani Singla, Astrum’s Founding Managing Partner, who acted as the campaign strategist for the BJP during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Ashwani also strategized for Seemandhra (now called Andhra) Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in the 2014 Assembly polls and other candidates across South East Asia.

Our specializations in

Political Campaign Strategies

a. Voter Segmentation
Knowing your voters is the key to winning elections. However, beyond caste and coalition combinations lies the science of discovering your advocates and adversaries and most importantly, the Agnostics, otherwise known as the “winnable”. In any election, it is the understanding of the “winnable” voters that decides the winner.

b. Candidate Positioning
You might mean something to somebody and nothing to everybody. Therefore, projecting your image as a candidate to your winnable audience is of paramount importance. Using our research and competitive positioning framework, we help you develop your public persona and advocate the issues that would mobilise your voters.

c. Campaign Messaging
Simplicity and clarity of messages help you break through the clutter. While most elections are fought and won on similar issues the world over, it is the articulation that connects with the voters. ‘Achchhe Din’ by the BJP was one such clarion call which broke through the clutter.

d. Voter Sentiment Tracking
So how do you know if what you are doing is working? If you wait for the Election Day, it might be too late. The campaign office will feed you anecdotes and ground intelligence. But Astrum will be your independent voice that would tell you whether the voters are with you or moving away. Our election campaign management services includes deploying a monitoring system that gives you a moving picture which is actionable, so that you can make the necessary and timely course corrections.

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