Politics & Government
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Corporate Affairs

We support you in promoting legitimate business interests in a professional and ethical manner.

Our corporate affairs advisory comprises policy experts, former civil servants and advocacy specialists, skilled and proficient to advise CEOs on the impact of political, social and economic developments, and how to strategically reposition their companies in this context. This includes support in securing and promoting legitimate business interests by engaging policy makers, regulators and key influencers in an ethical manner.

a. Government Relations
The evolving political and policy landscape not only requires companies to constantly reassess their business mode, but also offers new opportunities. It is important therefore to develop insights into the thinking of the executive and the legislature to understand the prevailing policy environment and the expected developments.

Our counsellors monitor the policy and regulatory environment to help you stay ahead and ethically promote legitimate interests to secure your licence to operate and create new business and growth opportunities

b. Regulatory Affairs
The rapid evolution of the economy and the society in India has resulted in the need for constant regulation. Regulators walk the tight rope to balance the needs of the industry and that of their constituents. In this changing environment, our policy and legal counsellors provide expertise and regulatory intelligence in translating regulatory requirements into workable plans to align the business model with regulation. Also, by ensuring compliance to the law, our counsellors protect you from expensive litigation.

Our counsellors also work closely with the regulatory team to help you engage with regulators, to guide you through the compliance process needed to obtain regulatory approvals. Should there be any difference in the interpretation of regulation and policy, our counsellors would help you advocate your case with the judiciary within the ambit of the prevailing laws.

Election Campaign Strategy

There is no second prize for losing an election. We help you win.

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Public Advocacy

We help governments engage their constituencies in a planned and sustained manner

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