Crisis Preparedness Planning

We help you to safeguard your reputation when you need it the most

Crisis are ubiquitous, and when they strike, the management’s confidence and the company’s reputation take a beating. With the 24X7 news cycle and the online world without boundaries and editorial discretion, companies struggle to remain in step and often lose control over their story. However, if a crisis is deftly handled with swift and clear communication, it makes all the difference between winning and losing the plot.

Astrum has the expertise in preparedness planning and crisis training to safeguard your reputation in your hour of need. Our crisis counsellors strategize work in a project mode,in collaboration with the company leadership, for possible scenarios that could lead to a crisis and its fallouts. Our crisis management experts initiate and augment your Crisis Communication Team (CCT) and Crisis Response Protocols (CRP) with clear roles and responsibilities, including messaging and outreach priorities.

We convert ‘in-place’ crisis response protocols to being ‘in-use’ consistently. Through our Crisis Communication Training (CCT) workshops,we train your management staff and CCT to respond swiftly with a clarity of purpose. We also undertake spokesperson coaching and C-Suite media training to ensure that you benefit from our bespoke preparedness planning.

We can help your company prepare for crises:

  • Crisis Preparedness Audit and Planning: To benchmark your current preparedness and offer advice on improving processes.
  • Crisis Communication Guidelines: The document that defines your response. It is critical to keep it simple and easily accessible, with every role aligned.We develop toolkits, check-lists, key messages, Q&A, and briefing materials on the most serious and most likely scenarios.
  • Crisis Training: For executive teams across the organisation to rehearse your company’s crisis response, from a simple plan walk through to a full simulation exercise.

In this training you will learn

  • How to manage a crisis situation safely and effectively
  • How to satisfy the media’s needs during a crisis, while working for your company’s best interests at the same time.
  • How to work with all stakeholders to present accurate information without being “sandbagged,” or appearing misinformed
  • How to plan your media presentation – appear collected under the pressure
  • How to maintain control of the most challenging of situations despite scrutiny from the public

A critical part of any well-designed crisis preparedness plan is a post-crisis review. This reflective process can pinpoint the weaknesses in an existing plan and suggest appropriate solutions. Astrum counsellors work closely with the Crisis Communication Team (CCT) to document all the steps taken during a crisis and learn from it to improve its response.

Once the immediate crisis is over, we work with the leadership team to develop outreach programmes that would help you regain the trust of the public and your most important decision-makers and influencers.

Crisis Communication Support

We use our skills to help you, protect your reputation when you need it the most

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