Astrum Foundation

Nurturing the Stars of Tomorrow

Educate the girl in the family, and you change the future of that family. The Astrum Foundation supports credible interventions that provide tuition support to girls from disadvantaged homes and BPL families seeking opportunities for higher education. 2% of profits of Astrum are donated to the foundation to create a corpus to fund the cause.

Additionally, our counsellors are encouraged to provide pro-bono support to causes that bring about a change in the society and help India transform.

Astrum Advisory Board

Our advisory board members are our guiding lights.

They show us the path to progress and help us make

Code of Conduct

Our guide to earning respect and trust

I pledge to uphold our reputation at all times

Our Services

Reputation Management Services

Good reputation is the topmost priority of a Chief Executive

Crisis Communication

News is 24X7. Is your Crisis Plan the Same?

Public Opinion Surveys

Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.
-Abraham Lincoln

Politics and Government

Don’t just govern the people. Involve them. Walk the talk with them

The Astrum Centre

The Astrum Centre houses a range of best-in-class capabilities