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We’re hiring – Principal Counsellor

What does an Astrum’s Principal Counsellor do?
The Principal is a business leader. You will oversee the development and growth of your practice and be available to clients and team for direction & counsel. You will be expected to lead from the front and have the foresight to see things before others to lead the engagements. You will also lead the development and mentoring of your team to deliver to their potential. You will support the Partner, in growing the business and the talent base of the advisory.

What would your day look like?

  • You will lead the new client development efforts assigned to you by the Partner
  • You will manage the profitability of the practice
  • You will identify opportunities to deepen our client engagement whilst expanding services
  • You will be the clients crisis counsellor and lead the capacity development efforts
  • You will guide and lead the team in developing the clients reputation campaigns
  • You will ensure that campaigns are rooted in science and build on creativity
  • You will ensure that advisory’s service architecture is followed
  • You will identify & develop opportunities for thought leadership
  • You will manage and assign team roles and responsibilities
  • You will oversee the client service quality feedback and act on it
  • You will learn and develop insights to inform the client campaign
  • You will develop a point-of-view by keeping abreast with clients business interests
  • You will participate in special projects
  • You will attend learning sessions or take elearning classes

What would we look for in your academic credentials?

  • You should hold a PG qualification in any one or two of these combinations: behavioral sciences, economics and/or business, English literature and/or communication, mass communication and/or public relations or business management from a reputed and well recognized institution.
  • You should have excelled in your education with top grades in the subject of your choice or been recognized for your dedication and excellence in your institute.
  • You should have contributed to the development/success of your institute.

Your work experience should speak for you.

  • You should have worked full time for at least 12 years in marketing/corporate communications and/or public relations. In-house or a firm or returning to work after taking a break doesn’t matter. Your work should speak for your professional achievements. Endorsements from peers/clients/seniors/juniors would go a long way.
  • You should be the fill-shut it-forget it kind of person to deliver on your brief.

Other useful skills:

  • You should be really good with the MS Office Suite
  • You should be able to teach us thing or two about the digital world
  • You should be 360 degree communication expert that we are looking for!
  • You should have developed your own network of relationships to the benefit of clients and Astrum
  • You should be comfortable with advertising and corporate events brief
  • You should be comfortable with reading market research and other research data

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