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An exciting and a challenging career awaits you.

A career in reputation management consulting involves a confluence of understanding business & policy, unearthing & understanding public opinion, communication & content expertise to develop persuasive messaging and mastering the use of traditional as well the emerging media and digital platforms, amongst others.

We’re hiring - Counsellor

What does an Astrum Counsellor do?

A Counsellor is the key pivot around which the results of our campaign rests.

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We’re hiring - Senior Counsellor

What does an Astrum Senior Counsellor do?

You will provide leadership in developing an effective campaign strategy and support the Principal/Partner in developing the good name of the advisory.

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We’re hiring - Principal Counsellor

What does an Astrum Principal Counsellor do?

You will oversee the development and growth of your practice and be available to clients and team for direction & counsel.

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If you don’t find a role that you are looking for, email our Chief Talent Officer Internships at Astrum

We offer limited internships to students undertaking post graduate degrees/diplomas in a range of subjects related to business administration, marketing, corporate communication, market research, corporate affairs, mass communication and journalism.

If you are interested in interning at Astrum at our office in Gurgaon, please email your resume along with a 100 words statement of why you should be considered for internship to our Chief Talent Officer