Corporate Governance

We help you establish best board practices with independent directors

Good Governance, or the lack of it, has been the single most important reason for destruction of shareholder value and corporate reputation. Good governance, the mantra of the elected representatives, has to be the cornerstone of any governance strategy today. The flattening of information hierarchies, the rise of the social media and activism by shareholders, combined with stringent regulations by the government, has put corporate behaviour under a microscope. Corporate Governance and Board Performance are not just desirable – they are essential to a strong corporate reputation.

Our advisory board members — Nitin Gupta, Chairman of Argus Partners, and Sandip Das, Former MD of Maxis Communication, Malaysia – lead our Corporate Governance Services. Apart from helping you deal with a range of issues, they would also ensure that the ‘Achilles Heel’ of many a corporation does not become yours.

  1. Board Practices Benchmarking
  2. Our research and insights on board practices help you benchmark your current practices against those that are mandatory to comply with the existing regulations, as well as those that are the best-in-class.

  3. Board Practices Development
  4. We work with the CEO/Chairman to counsel him/her on Board composition, as well as the practices that are essential for independent oversight of executives. We also help the C-Suite establish various committees with well-defined roles and responsibilities. Moreover, we assist CEOs to collaborate with their Board of Directors and manage the Board successfully.

  5. Independent Director’s search & appointment
  6. Our experts work closely with a company CEO to identify an Independent Director best-suited for the company. They also help the CEO in charting out the role the Independent Director should play to enhance the company’s reputation..

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